Top 3 Machine Learning Trends to watch out for in 2017

Machine Learning Trends

Machine Learning has come a long way from being a method of data analysis for analytical model building to become the strongest progression tool for understanding today’s data-driven world. In a steadily evolving tech landscape, almost every application that is being developed today must be an intelligent application if it wants to be relevant and successful to our modern needs. Chances are you’ve heard about major companies using this machine learning technology, from Tesla and Google’s self driving cars, to amazing breakthroughs in the medical field with machines capable of predicting illnesses, and countless other examples. We don’t need to look very far to see the ways machine learning affects our lives, from grocery shopping to medical check ups, it is all around us!

The following are three major shifts that have become trends in the tech industry in regards to ML.

1. If Your Application isn’t intelligent – Reconsider!

The world’s data doubles nearly every two years, and this number will only continue to rise! Due to this huge amount of new data being generated, expect to see most if not all companies use machine learning platform’s real time applications to make a better, individually tailored experience to each one of their customers.

With this new trend on the technological scene, companies MUST consider using machine learning technology at risk of getting left behind their competitors and peer companies. The key to success in this industry is successfully adapting to new trends and technology, and we can clearly see that happening here.

A key example: Along with Google, all the leading automobile manufacturers like BMW, GM and Mercedes are handling huge volume of data. The ultimate goal is to develop an automated unsupervised vehicle with 100 percent road safety in place. Naturally, such safety-sensitive development would call for more intelligent Machine Learning algorithm development and real customization of processes. There will be a highly competitive market to create the best autonomous cars, and machine learning will be a key component in this endeavor.

2. The Future belongs to Artificial Intelligence – Prepare!

Another exciting aspect of this shift toward Machine Learning is how it works hand in hand with Artificial Intelligence capabilities. This spans more than your standard conversation with Siri on your new iPhone 7, we are talking about highly intelligent, adaptable bots that can do anything from drive a car to determining a medical patient’s illness. Machine learning and artificial intelligence would also go hand in hand in revolutionizing smart homes, environmental monitoring or in improving logistics. The opportunities are endless, and seemingly something out of a science fiction movie.

From telecommunication giants to health insurance companies, everyone would benefit from this seamless incorporation of semantic Web and evolving informatics. In the process of translating data to information to knowledge and finally to derive wisdom, raw sensory data will be interpolated for developing actionable intelligence.

3. Move to the Cloud – Democratize!

Moore’s Law states that every two years data doubles, and in fact the cost to store that data declines at about the same rate. While this trend continues, data scientists have naturally begun to move machine learning to the cloud. This ensures much faster results and unparalleled accuracy. Data scientists will no longer need to spend countless hours managing infrastructure or using their own custom coding.

With more organizations leaning towards cloud storage, this would result in a digital economy, leveling the playing field and making this a much more affordable process. If businesses are targeting developing more business assets, machine learning is their only option for developing cloud-based technology. Data democratization cannot happen without proper margining of Machine learning and artificial intelligence if we wish to live in a world free of digital divide.

In Conclusion…

  • All apps will be intelligent applications soon. Your company doesn’t use machine learning? Chances are very good that you will in the near future! It is just too efficient not to use these real-time predictions to help better your business.
  • We will see a huge shift in the technological landscape in regards to machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • As the trend towards ML continues, Data Scientists will lean towards moving it to the cloud. This will lead to faster and more accurate results and a digital economy.

These three trends will be important to watch out for as 2016 draws to a close and we begin a new year of technological advances. We encounter ML on a daily basis whether we realise it or not. It is apparent that Machine Learning is forcing the tech industry to evolve and is changing it entirely, stay tuned!

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