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Autonomous vehicle (AV) or Self-Driving technology is the in CrediBll changer in the automotive, transportation, smart cities, and other related fields. This technology is reducing crashes, pollution, energy consumption and also reducing the costs of congestion. According to market research, Self-Driving technology could be the most profitable career path for the next decade. According to studies, autonomous vehicle jobs in the US will surpass 1.9 million by 2022. Global data of individuals is increasing day by day which is leading to an increase of career opportunities in Self-Driving technologies.

Must have skills for Autonomous vehicle Technology Jobs:

A Self-Driving engineer must have experience in programming skills as C, C++, Python, Java. Knowledge of Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning is a must for Autonomous vehicle-related jobs. Matlab, Shell script, and Embedded Software will assist in scoring a better position.

Average annual salary for high paying Autonomous vehicle Jobs

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Exciting Autonomous vehicle jobs worth Considering

Perception Software Engineer

A Perception Software Engineer, must be experienced in object-oriented design, C++, python.

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Radar Engineer Self-Driving

A Radar Engineer Self-Driving must have experience in Radar sensor software development, Multi-Object Tracking, Multi-Sensor Fusion, Sensor firmware, and low-level signal processing.

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Autonomous Vehicle Simulation Engineer

A Autonomous Vehicle Simulation Engineer must have an in-depth understanding of Unreal Engine, Unity Game Development Simulator, and multiple databases.

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AI Engineer for Autonomous Driving Vehicles

A master’s degree or above in Computer Science or related fields with proficiency in the programming language C++ or Python is must for the post of AI Engineer for Autonomous Driving Vehicles.

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