Big Data Jobs

Experts in Big Data come to the CrediBLL marketplace.

Big Data refers to enormous data sets collected by software then analyzed to reveal trends and patterns that help in taking enterprise-level business decisions. Big Data is widely used across the industries, from insurance to health and e-commerce to entertainment.

Professionals that work with Big Data are highly skilled and often have years of education or training. Positions within the industry range from Data Warehouse Managers, who manage data collection, to Business Intelligence Analysts, who turn a company’s Big Data into actionable insights.

Throughout the past couple of years, big data has been used more and more by businesses, leading to an uptick in available big data jobs in the USA. Qualified professionals in the field are in extreme demand, which explains their higher-than-average salaries.

Must-Have Skills:

With such an extreme variation in job roles, skill sets among Big Data jobs vary widely. However, most Big Data professionals will have:

  • A strong mathematics background
  • Proficiency in technologies like R, SAS, MATLAB, SPSS, or Stata
  • Experience with technologies like Hadoop, HDFS, MapReduce, Flume, Oozie, Hive, Pig, and HBase
  • Working knowledge of programming languages such as Java, C, Python, or Scala

Average annual salary for high paying Big Data Jobs

* Based on Data Accumulated

Exciting Big Data Positions

Data Warehouse Manager

Data Warehouse Managers manage, design, and develop data warehouses, and implement strategies to assist data collection.

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Big Data Architect

Big Data Architects must be experienced in algorithms, distributed algorithms, and data structure, with the additional ability to create and test data prototypes.

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Business Intelligence Analyst

Business Intelligence Analysts turn a company’s data into insights, facilitating better decision making.

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Big Data Solution Architect

Big Data Solution Architects provide managerial and technical support in the design and development of large-scale cluster data processing systems.

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Data Modeler

Data Modelers use various data modeling tools and statistical analysis to turn large volumes of data into insights.

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Chief Data Analyst

Chief Data Analysts perform statistical analysis with the assistance of tools like Excel, SPSS, and STATA while using advanced techniques when suitable.

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Big Data Researcher

Big Data Researchers explore extracted data from related databases using statistical, visualization, and quantitative tools.

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Data Mining Analyst

Data Mining Analysts and Big Data Analysts review statistical analyses and determine which accounts to prioritize, then prepare checklists for areas of improvement for superiors and clients.

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Data Strategist

Data Strategists and Data Scientists develop a business’s Big Data strategy, especially details about multi-phase implementation and the roadmap’s project estimations.

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