Big Data Jobs

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Big Data is a cutting-edge technology widely used in most industries. Big Data Jobs are becoming increasingly popular in the field of information and technology throughout this past couple of years. According to studies, Big Data Jobs in USA will surpass 1.9 million by 2021. Global data of individuals is increasing day by day which is leading to an increase of career opportunities in Big Data technologies.

Skilled employees are required for Big Data Jobs whether it’s a business related to insurance, health, or e-commerce. An emerging field like Big Data can offer the best career opportunities.

Must have skills for Big Data Jobs:

Proficiency in technologies like R, SAS, MATLAB, SPSS, or Stata can help land a fascinating career in Big Data. A strong mathematics background, experience in technologies like Hadoop, HDFS, MapReduce, Flume, Oozie, Hive, Pig, HBase, and hands-on experience with programming languages such as Java, C, Python, or Scala is essential.


Exciting Big Data jobs worth Considering

Data Warehouse Manager

Data warehouse manager is accountable for managing, designing and developing data warehouses and implement strategies which assist in gathering data.

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Big Data Architect

A Big Data Architect, must be experienced in algorithms, distributed algorithms, data structure, with the knowledge of the creation and testing of data prototype.

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Business Intelligence Analyst

Business Intelligence Analyst would be responsible for turning the company’s data into insights for better decision making. Acquaintance with analytical.

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Big Data Solution Architect

Big Data Solution Architect is accountable for providing with the managerial and technical support in designing and developing large-scale cluster data processing system.

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Data Modeler

A Data Modeler must have the experience and capability of turning large volumes of data into insights with the assistance of different data modeling tools and

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Chief Data Analyst

Chief Data Analyst perform statistical analysis with the assistance of tools like Excel, SPSS, STATA while using advance techniques when suitable.

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Big Data Researcher

A Big Data Researcher is responsible for the extraction of data from the related database, and explore the same using statistical, visualization and quantitative tools.

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Data Mining Analyst

Data Mining Analysts work on statistical analysis to prioritize which accounts must work to generate the maximum success, while preparing a checklist.

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Data Strategist

Data Strategists work on Big Data strategy with the details about multi-phase implementation and roadmap.

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