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One can enjoy a multifaceted career in robotics as it incorporates both engineering and science, making robotics a field filled with highly educated professionals. The robotics space requires help from employees with various focuses, such as mechanical engineering, computer science, and sales.

Robotics Engineers design the robots that Technicians build, repair, and maintain. Software Developers work closely with Robotics Engineers and develop, test, maintain robots’ software. Once the robots are fully working, Operators ensure quick responses to emergencies by overseeing robots around the clock. On the sales side, Robotics Account Managers use their knowledge of robot technology and customer service to connect with clients, while Sales Engineers shoulder the responsibility of selling advanced technology to future clients.

Due to a large amount of growth within the field, the number of robotics careers is increasing. As robots continue to take over human jobs, robotics jobs will become more in-demand across the country.

Must-Have Skills:

Robotics jobs are incredibly diverse, ranging from coding and mechanical engineering to sales positions. In general, excellent candidates will have:

  • A bachelor’s or master’s in computer science, engineering, or a similar major
  • The flexibility and innovation required for working in a quickly growing field

Average annual salary for high paying Robotics Jobs

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Exciting Robotics Positions

Robotics Engineer

Robotics Engineers often have backgrounds in computer science, mechanical engineering, or both fields. First and foremost, they must know how to design a robotic system.

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Software Developer

Robotics Engineers’ designs are coded by Software Developers, who work closely with engineers to ensure the robots work as they have been envisioned.

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Technicians focus on robot repairs and maintenance but do build some parts of the machines with the supervision of the robotics engineer.

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Sales Engineer

Understanding the product from the inside out is a must; after all, Sales Engineers are responsible for selling this advanced technology to possible future clients.

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To avoid emergencies or breakdowns, Operators oversee robots twenty-four hours a day. It’s the Operator’s task to work around the clock to ensure nothing goes wrong.

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Robotics Account Manager

In-depth understanding of robot technology, customer service, sales, and managing a business’s accounts are just a few of the many qualifications Robotics Account Managers must fulfill.

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