FAQ for Candidates & Employers

For Candidates

Do I have to pay to signup for CrediBLL?

No, CrediBLL is free for candidates.

What does a CrediBLL batch mean?

CrediBLL curates top talent in niche technology domains as a part of its batch showcase to employers feature. The CrediBLL team reviews your education, work experience and skill sets to add you to a fresh batch conforming to your area of expertise. Only a small percent of all applicants make it to a batch and most candidates get showcased under a single batch. Companies may choose to initiate conversations with any candidate in a batch who they think would be a good fit. Post conversation initiation, companies may choose to follow their standard protocol to make a hiring decision.

How long does it take for me to be a part of a batch?

Once you have filled out your account details, we would review your background and get back to you if you’ve made it to the next batch within 3 business days.

Can I reach out to employers?

No, prospective employers who think you’d be a good fit would reach out to you with initial offers.

Am I going to be spammed with job email alerts everyday?

No, CrediBLL believes in simplifying the recruiting process and so has the employers contact candidates through the batch showcase feature. Once you signup and fill in your details, you will be reviewed for batch showcase. If you make it to the batch, employers will view your profile and make initial offers to you.

What are the locations of employers who are likely to contact me?

We currently have San Francisco Bay area based companies on our platform and you are likely to be offered roles based on the same location. You may however indicate your preferences within the SF Bay Area and we would let employers know accordingly.

Which technologies are employers on CrediBLL most likely to focus on?

Employers on CrediBLL are leading players in the technology arena and want to hire the best talent in niche technology such as IoT, Full stack development, iOS etc

What kind of employers hire through CrediBLL?

Employers registered on the CrediBLL platform are leading players in the technology domain who are transparent about the role requirements, hiring process and the compensation details. Our clients typically tend to be a good mix of large enterprises and startups across the US.

If I am sent an initial offer, do I have to accept?

No, initial offers are a strong indication of interest from employers. You could accept as many initial offers as possible. Given how competitive the tech industry hiring process is, we strongly recommend you to respond to initial offers at the earliest. Employers tend to incline towards candidates who reciprocate their interest with high responsiveness.

What happens if I want to negotiate on the Initial Offer?

The Conversations feature on CrediBLL lets you do just that. Respond to initial offers from employers to indicate which part of the offer could be modified to help bring you on board, these could be compensation, equity or relocation expenses.

What is the timeline that it typically takes to move from Batch showcase to final offer?

Typically it could take 2 to 4 weeks from the date of batch showcase to your final offer. Employers could fast track this process depending on the urgency of the position.

I haven’t updated my resume in a long time, how can I still start looking at changing jobs through CrediBLL?

CrediBLL takes the minimalist approach to the recruitment process. It’s a single step sign up process to get started. However we strongly recommend you download your LinkedIn profile as pdf or fill out all the account information required in order to provide a greater depth of detail to potential employers.

For how long will my profile be visible to employers?

On review and approval of your profile to be a part of the next batch showcase, you will receive an email to confirm. On receiving your confirmation your profile will become visible on the showcase to employers and will remain active until you are actively looking for new opportunities.

Will my current employer be able to see my CrediBLL profile?

No, we hide your profile from current and past employers unless you indicate otherwise.

How can the CrediBLL team support me during the process of recruitment?

Every candidate who signs up on the CrediBLL platform is assigned a Talent Advocate to help guide you through the process. The Talent advocate would help you find your dream gig by showcasing your profile to employers, helping you schedule interviews, notifying you to respond to offers and finally, providing an insider perspective into the culture and process of your prospective employer to help you make an informed decision.

For Employers

Why should I use CrediBLL?

CrediBLL could help you reduce the time it takes to scout for talent by providing you with a hand picked list of super talented professionals with core expertise in niche technologies like IoT, etc.

What is the cost?

On initial sign up, CrediBLL charges a one-time fee of 15% of a new hire’s base salary. If for some reason a new hire doesn’t work out, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee for 90 days.

What is the approval process to join CrediBLL?

You could start by filling the employer signup form here. On completion, we would review the companies registered with us for financial standing, ability to hire a highly skilled talent pool and location. We would revert to you within 3 business days on the status of your signup process. On approval, you would start receiving showcases for top talent in the niche technology that meets your hiring needs.

What sort of support does CrediBLL offer?

All employers who have signed up on the CrediBLL platform are assigned an Account Executive who would support you through the recruiting process. Once an employer is approved, the Account executive would reach out to you to discuss your hiring needs, location and domain in detail to help find the right fit.

I want to speak to a CrediBLL representative before I sign a contract, how can I do that?

You could contact a CrediBLL representative here to schedule a quick 15 min chat on how CrediBLL can help meet all your hiring needs.

What sort of candidates will I encounter?

Our candidates predominantly belong to the technology domain and specialize in IoT, Cloud etc. Should you have hiring needs that are not listed in the domains that CrediBLL provides candidates in, we’re happy to help put together an exclusive showcase just for you.

If the need arises, can I contact the candidate directly outside of CrediBLL?

Unfortunately No, Should you have any questions about the candidate, please do reach out to our Account Executive who’d be happy to help you with the same.