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A Blockchain is a decentralized, indestructible record of all transactions across a user-to-user network. As this new technology is explored, more uses for it are discovered; for example, using Blockchain technology, an associate can confirm transactions without the need for a central clearing authority.

Currently, there are many Blockchain Developer jobs available within the Blockchain space, though the options are growing as the technology is researched and used more widely. Blockchain Engineers create innovative digital solutions for companies, while Blockchain Quality Engineers research and test new use cases. Blockchain Designers work with teams to make Blockchain technology accessible to customers and clients, while Blockchain Project Managers execute Blockchain initiatives. Innovation and flexibility, in addition to a strong coding background, are necessary for these positions.

Must-Have Skills:

Blockchain jobs have different requirements, given that they range from Engineers to Project Managers. In general, to demonstrate a successful blockchain career path, one must have:

  • Working knowledge of different data structures like Queue, Stack, Linked List, Hash Maps, and Tree
  • Experience with Ethereum, Solidity (its special language for smart contracts), and Truffle (the most well-known Ethereum framework)
  • Deep understanding of decentralized ledger protocols
  • The flexibility and innovation required for working with a new technology

Average annual salary for high paying Blockchain Jobs

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Exciting Blockchain Positions


Blockchain Quality Engineer

Blockchain Quality Engineers must test automation methods, research new Blockchain tools and technologies, and advise business leaders about innovative uses for Blockchain technologies.

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Blockchain Designer

Because many new blockchain startups are using cryptocurrency and creating websites to inform customers, clients, and platforms about Blockchain space offerings, they are beginning to offer a number of blockchain jobs.

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Blockchain Engineers

Blockchain Engineers focus on creating and implementing digital solutions for companies using Blockchain technologies.

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Blockchain Project Manager

Blockchain Project Managers must be, first and foremost, excellent at coordinating the efforts of multiple teams.

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