Design & Verification Engineer Jobs

CrediBLL identifies high-level Design & Verification engineers.

Design & Verification is a vital aspect of product development. The verification process ensures that a created design matches the original design.

Most Design & Verification jobs are part of a complex testing process that ensures the product meets specifications and fulfills its intended purpose. Professionals in this field identify and resolve all potential problems and risks in an early phase of the software life cycle. Nearly all Design & Verification roles are engineer-related, ranging from Design & Verification engineers to Principal Physical engineers.

The Design & Verification field offers a variety of roles and opportunities. These roles provide a wide range of career opportunities in fields like VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) and ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit). VLSI jobs involve work on circuits that are located everywhere from your computer to your car, while ASIC design jobs involve integrated circuits that are created for specific products like smart wristbands.

Must-Have Skills:

Design & Verification engineers share similar skill sets. Applicants must have:

  • A bachelor’s degree in a related field or extensive hands-on experience
  • Knowledge of a scripting language like Perl or Python
  • An in-depth understanding of DV, IP, SoC, BFM, SV (SystemVerilog), OOP, Perl, and VMM

Average annual salary for high paying Design & Verification Jobs

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Exciting Design & Verification Engineer Positions

SOC Design Verification Engineer

SOC Design Verification Engineer jobs require an in-depth understanding of CPU and SOC architecture as well as verification flow.

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ASIC Design Verification Engineer

ASIC Design Verification Engineers identify and write all types of coverage measures for stimulus and corner cases.

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Hardware Design & Verification Engineer

Hardware Design & Verification Engineers design and evaluate portions of engineering solutions for electrical and electronic parts, integrated circuitry.

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Digital Verification Engineer

Digital Verification Engineers must understand digital design and SOC architecture while handling the responsibility for leading developmental efforts at the IP and SoC level.

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MTS Design & Verification Engineer

MTS Design & Verification Engineers collaborate with RTL designers and test-bench owners to efficiently fix bugs.

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DFT Design & Verification Engineer

DFT Engineers manage the development, implementation, and verification of designs for test (DFT) architectures.

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VLSI Verification Engineer

VLSI Verification Engineers must have prior experience with Scan insertion, DFT design rules, and ATPG.

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System Verification Engineer

System Verification Engineers handle system-level testing while keeping customer requirements top-of-mind.

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