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Developer Operations is a technique that combines software development with IT operations. The ultimate goal of the methodology is to shorten a system’s development life cycle while implementing features and maintenance at a rapid speed.

Due to their wide-ranging knowledge and high-functioning methodologies, DevOps experts are among the highest paid IT professionals today. Different DevOps jobs range from DevOps Architects to Automation Engineers, but most of them have similar skill sets. For example, these engineers will have experience with infrastructure-based automation tools, as well as working knowledge of multiple programming languages.

Must-Have Skills:

Most DevOps Engineer jobs require identical skill sets. Along with other items, most DevOps professionals will display:

  • Experience with infrastructure-based automation tools, such as Chef, Docker, and Puppet
  • Familiarity with Continuous Integration (CI) tools, such as Bamboo, Team Foundation Server, TeamCity, Jenkins, and CruiseControl
  • Working knowledge of programming languages, such as Python, Java, and Javascript
  • Understanding of project lifecycles (SDLC) of Agile, like Scrum and Kanban

Average annual salary for high paying DevOps Jobs

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Exciting DevOps Positions

DevOps Architect

DevOps Architects must be experienced in software development, enterprise-level development, architecture, and design, as well as continuous integration, continuous delivery,

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DevOps Automation Engineer

DevOps Automation Engineers must be demonstrate programming capability in a high-level programming language such as Ruby, Python, Java, C# or other languages.

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DevOps Software Tester

DevOps Software Testers are responsible for planning and preparing environments for automation. These professionals must have prior experience in Bamboo, IBM uDeploy, and Jenkins, plus environment support on Windows/Unix platforms.

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DevOps Security Engineer

DevOps Security Engineers analyze and respond to production security notifications in a timely manner.

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DevOps Build & Release Manager

A DevOps Build and Release Manager is responsible for designing, architecting, maintaining, improving, and implementing tools to optimize the engineering workflow.

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