Machine Learning Jobs

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The field of Machine Learning centers on the research and development of complex algorithms that create adaptive systems that, in turn, learn from data. In machine learning jobs, professionals create computers capable of making their own decisions based on learnings. Machine Learning technology is used within many fields for tasks like data entry, spam detection, and medical diagnosis.

Professionals in the machine learning field often have a strong scientific background, but otherwise, have variable skills. Research Scientists, who develop Machine Learning algorithms, and Machine Learning Engineers, who formulate prototypes, are just some of many roles in the industry.

Machine learning jobs and deep learning jobs have already created a buzz in the tech field. In fact, Gartner estimates that Machine Learning and artificial intelligence will create 2.3 million jobs by 2020, meaning that demand for these positions will grow exponentially.

Must-Have Skills:

Jobs within the Machine Learning sphere vary, but professionals do share some commonalities. Top companies look for candidates who have:

  • Prior experience in a Machine Learning sub-field such as NLP, Deep Learning, or computer vision
  • Proficiency in languages like JavaScript, Unity Script, and WebVR
  • Experience in probability and statistics
  • Knowledge of Machine learning algorithms and APIs
  • Data modeling experience, specifically in machine learning

Average annual salary for high paying Machine Learning Jobs

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Exciting Machine Learning Positions

Research Scientist

The machine learning or NLP job field offers great opportunities for research scientists.

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Artificial Intelligence Scientist

Artificial Intelligence Scientists help plan, design, and execute Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications.

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Applied Machine Learning Research Scientist

Applied Machine Learning Research Scientists work closely with product, research, and engineering leaders to understand ML applications and define success.

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Machine Learning Analyst

Machine Learning Analysts play a pivotal role in various Machine Learning (ML) jobs. They manage and deliver components of customer engagements, which include analysis and implementation of optimized Machine Learning technology.

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Data Modeler

Data Modelers use data modeling tools and statistical analysis to turn large volumes of data into insights for business use.

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Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning Engineers work closely with product managers to identify and understand opportunities, then formulate problem and prototype models.

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